Lyrics: Infinite – Hidden Track [In the Summer] (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

over the top

Title: Hidden Track

Artist: Infinite

Album: Over the Top

Woohyun: We’re at the sea right now.
Hoya: East Sea.
Woohyun: It’s just us with a bonfire.
Sunggyu: The sea that’s like my heart.
Hoya: Busan. Busan Haeundae.
Sunggyu: Do you happen to like shrimp crackers?
Hoya: Shrimp? Spicy shrimp.
Woohyun: Ah, spicy shrimp? Busan seagulls like it too.
Sungyeol: Seagulls like spicy things?
Sunggyu: Yeah. I used to call Hoya galmaeg-ah [T/N: Seagull in Korean is galmaegi]
Sungyeol: Hehe galmaeg-ah~
Hoya: I used to call Sunggyu hyung Bibimi hyung.
Sungyeol: Why Bibimi hyung?
Hoya: Bibimbap. Jeonju bibimbap.
Woohyun: Bibibimi hyung keke. But! Since we’re here at the sea, I want to eat clams! Let’s sing, let’s sing!
Sunggyu: If we’re talking about singing, then that’s Sungyeol’s thing.
Woohyun: I really want to dance.
Sunggyu: Hey Lee Sungjong!
Sungjong: Yes?
Sunggyu: Talk.
Woohyun: Should we have Sungjong as a featuring? [Woohyun pronounced it as pyoochurring]
Sunggyu: It’s featuring, not pyoochurring. You know, your level of knowledge is similar to Sungyeol’s.
Woohyun: No, I am not. Anyway, let’s try singing that one~
Hoya: I’ll take the first hit…ah, I mean…I’ll make the first attack.
Sunggyu: First attack? Hey L, play the guitar.
Hoya: Ah wait.
Sunggyu: Rapper Hoya, rapper Hoya.
Hoya: Now, rapper Hoya will start it off. What’s the first pitch?
Myungsoo: Just do it from how it flows from your body.

햇살이 내리는 사이 마다
haessari naerineun sai mada
In between the cracks of sunlight

흰 구름 흐르는 사이 마다
huin gureum heureuneun sai mada
In between the flowing white clouds

바람이 스치는 사이 마다
barami seuchineun sai mada
In between the blowing wind

니가 비쳐
niga bichyeo
you shine

시간을 타고서 내일에도
siganeul tagoseo naeiredo
Riding down the time, even tomorrow

진하게 번져와 매일에도
jinhage beonjyeowa maeiredo
Thickly spreading, every single day

그리움 가득히 나에게 또
geurium gadeukhi naege tto
Filled with longing, again to me

스며와 넌 아련히 넌
seumyeowa neon aryeonhi neon
You come into me, faintly

수줍게 넌 날
sujupge neon

nal tagowa
you come upon me

흔들어 날 잔잔히 넌
heundeureo nal janjanhi neon
You softly shake me, as usual

여전히 넌
yeojeonhi neon
connected through

기억으로 이어져
gieogeuro ieojyeo
the memories

난 또 난 늘 난
nan tto nan neul nan
Again and always, I’m

그리움에 살아
geuriume sara
living in longing

난 이미 난 이미 난
nan imi nan imi nan
Already, already, I’m

추억에 잠겨있어
chueoge jamgyeoisseo
locked up in the memories

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Woohyun: It’s Jungryul hyung!
Hoya: We Infinite.
Myungsoo: Where!
Dongwoo: Tow! Tow!
Sungjong: Baby Bear, Baby Bear! Baby Bear! [T/N: Baby Bear is Jungryul Manager’s nickname]
Sunggyu: Thirty year old Baby Bear.
Woohyun: CEO~ CEO~
Everyone: Hello!
Dongwoo: I love you.
Woohyun: Let’s play!
Someone: Welcome! We came here first.
Sungjong: Let’s go~
Someone: Lemon candy, lemon candy.
Sungyeol: Lee Sungjong~ Lee Sungjong~
Hoya: Lemon candy.



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