Orange Caramel Member Profiles

orange caramel
Orange Caramel Member Profiles

Entertainment Company: Pledis Entertainment
*Orange Caramel is a subgroup of After School

RainaStage Name: Raina/레이나
Real Name: Oh Hyerin/오혜린
Nicknames: Hamster
Birthday: May 7, 1989
Birthplace: Ulsan
Blood Type: B
Height: 166cm
Weight: 46kg
Position in group: Main Vocalist, Leader
Languages: Korean
Instruments: piano
Siblings: one older brother
Hobbies: singing, playing the piano
Education: Howon University
Fans: Reindears

Stage Name: Nana/나나
Real Name: Im Jinah/임진아
Nicknames: Jinjin, Camel, Dessert Fox
Birthday: September 14, 1991
Birthplace: Cheongju
Blood Type: A
Height: 171cm
Weight: 48kg
Position in group: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group
Languages: Korean
Instruments: none
Siblings: none
Hobbies: singing, dancing
Education: Cheongju Ochang High School; Seoul Institute of the Arts
Fans: Bananas


Stage Name: Lizzy/리지
Real Name: Park Sooyoung/박수영
Nicknames: N/A
Birthday: July 31, 1992
Birthplace: Busan
Blood Type: A
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Position in group: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Maknae
Languages: Korean
Instruments: piano
Siblings: none
Hobbies: listening to music, playing NDS games, arts & crafts, eating snacks
Education: Kyunggi Girls High School
Fans: Lizzbians

Latest comeback:
The Gangnam Avenue

Updated: June 2, 2015