Lyrics: Rap Monster – Skit: On the Start Line (English translation)


Title: Skit: On the Start Line (English translation)

Artist: Rap Monster

Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool


In many ways, this term defines my existence, but at the same time it is a term I can never truly explain. A period of time, a state of transition where I could neither belong anywhere nor do anything.The biggest concerns I had living as such a trainee were the questions of friends and family– “when are you going to come out?” “when are you going to debut?” Questions like these. I couldn’t give them an answer, because I didn’t know either- such answers were unknowable.

Though I came here through a certain confidence and belief in myself, what awaited me was a different kind of reality: even now, after three years have passed, even as I occasionally gain the self-certainty to think things like “once I debut, I will conquer the music industry”, whenever I hear the criticisms of the producers and teachers I am once again overwhelmed by the realization that I am nothing, that I am as inconsequential as a speck of dust. It’s as if though before me lies the bluest ocean, and if I turn to look back, a vast desert.

In this hourglass-like mindset, in this mood, I spent my three years as a trainee. And now, my debut is finally drawing near.

Even after I debut, new oceans and new deserts will likely await me. I am not afraid, because what has made me who I am are the oceans and deserts I have witnessed until this moment.

I will never forget the oceans and deserts I have seen.

Because I am a trainee.



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