WINNER Lyrics Index

WINNER Lyrics Index (Korean)

WIN: Who is Next – Final Battle

1. Go Up
2. Just Another Boy

2014 s:s
2014 S/S

1. Empty (공허해)
2. Color Ring (컬러링)
3. Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마)
4. I’m Him (걔 세)
5. Love is a Lie (척)
6. Confession (고백하는거야)
7. But (사랑하지마)
8. Different
9. Tonight (이 밤)
10. Smile Again


1. Pricked (사랑가시) (Mino and Taehyun)

Exit: E

1. Baby Baby
2. Sentimental (센치해)
3. Immature (철없어)
5. Pricked (사랑가시) (Mino and Taehyun)
4. I’m Young (좋더라)


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