Lyrics: Byun Baekhyun – Beautiful (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

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Title: Beautiful

Artist: Byun Baekhyun

Album: EXO Next Door OST

안녕 내게 다가와
Annyeong naege dagawa
Hello, you came to me

수줍은 향기를 안겨 주던
Sujubeun hyanggireul angyeo judeon
Giving me your shy scent

너희미한 꿈속에서
neo huimihan kkumsokeseo
In my hazy dream

눈이 부시도록 반짝였어
Nuni busidorok banjjakyeosseo
You were shining, dazzling

설레임에 나도 모르게
Seolleime nado moreuge
With a fluttering heart, without knowing

한발두발 네게 다가가
Hanbaldubal naege dagaga
I went to you, step by step

너의 곁에 남아 너의 미소에 내마음이 녹아내려
neoui gyeote nama neoui misoe naemaeumi noganaeryeo
And I stayed by your side, my heart melts at your smile

눈이 마주쳤을땐
Nuni majuchyeosseulttaen
When our eyes meet

두근거려 oh 너의 가슴에 내 미소를 기억해줘
Dugeungeoryeo oh neoui gaseume nae misoreul gieokhaejwo
My heart pounds, oh remember my smile in your heart

하루에도 몇번씩
Haruedo myeotbeonssik
Think about it several times a day

생각해줘 oh 너에게 하고 싶은 그 말
Saenggakhaejwo oh neoege hago sipeun geu mal
Oh words I want to say to you

You’re beautiful

고마워 날 만나서
gomawo nal mannaseo
thank you for meeting me

한결 같았던 니 모습이 보여
Hangyeol gatattdeon ni moseubi boyeo
I see you, always the same

나를 기다려 왔던
Nareul gidaryeo wattdeon
It waited for me

너의 짙은 향기 깊은 울림
Neoui jiteun hyanggi gipeun ullim
Your thick scent

알 수 없는 강한 이끌림
Al su eobneun ganghan ikkeullim
It deeply rings in me

너를 향한 나의 두날개
Neoreul hyanghan naui dunalgae
With this mysterious and strong attraction

펼쳐주고 싶어 너의 미소에 내마음이 녹아내려
Pyeolchyeojugo sipeo neoui misoe naemaeumi noganaeryeo
I want to spread my wings toward you, my heart melts at your smile

눈이 마주쳤을땐
Nuni majuchyeosseulttaen
When our eyes meet

My heart pounds

oh 너의 봄날에 내 노래를 들려줄게
oh neoui bomnale nae noraereul deullyeojulge
Oh I’ll sing for you on your spring day

하루에도 몇번씩 생각해줘
Haruedo myeotbeonssik saenggakhaejwo
Think about it several times a day

oh 이렇게 너를 생각해
oh ireohge neoreul sanggakhae
Oh this is what I think of you

You’re beautiful

나를 반겨줘
Nareul bangyeojwo
When you’re glad to see me

뚜뚜뚜루루루 설레여
ttuttuttu rururu seollaeyeo
My heart flutters

구름위를 걷는듯
gureumwireul geodneundeut
It’s like walking on a cloud

거짓말같이 난 네게 다가가 한발 더
Geojitmalgati nan naege dagaga hanbal deo
Like magic, I’m taking one more step to you

다시 찾아온 너와 나의 계절에
Dasi chajaon neowa naui gyejeole
The season of you and me has come again

기억할 수 있겠니
Gieokhal su ittgettni
Can you remember this?

ttururururuttuttuttu oh yeah all right

너를 만난 걸 행운이라 생각해
Neoreul mannan geol haengunira saenggakhae
I’m so lucky to have met you

우리 다시 만나면
Uri dasi mannamyeon
If we meet again

말해 줄래
Malhae jullae
I want to tell you

fly to you 내곁에 있어줘
Fly to you naegyeote isseojwo
Fly to you, stay by my side

You’re beautiful



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