TWICE Lyrics Index

TWICE Lyrics Index (Korean)

the story begins
The Story Begins

1. Like OOH-AHH (OOH-AHH하게)
2. Do it Again (다시 해줘)
3. I Think I’m Crazy (미쳤나봐)
4. Truth
5. Candy Boy
6. Like a Fool

Page Two

1. Cheer Up
2. Precious Love (소중한 사랑)
3. Touchdown
4. Ready to Talk (툭하면 톡)
5. Woohoo
6. My Headphones On (Headphone 써)
7. I’m Gonna Be a Star

TWICEcoaster : LANE 1

1. TT
2. 1 to 10
3. Ponytail
4. Jelly Jelly
5. Pit-A-Pat
6. Next Page
7. One in a Million


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