K-Pop Playlist: On Rainy Days


B2ST – On Rainy Days (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

BTS – Coffee (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Miryo ft. Sunny – I Love You, I Love You (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

B.A.P – Rain Sound (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Girl’s Day – I Miss You (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Infinite – Can You Smile (Remake) (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

BoA – Disturbance (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

f(x) ft. D.O – Goodbye Summer (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Red Velvet – Candy (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

BIGBANG – Haru Haru (Acoustic Ver.) (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Bang Yongguk ft. Yang Yoseob – I Remember (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Epik High ft. Jo Wonsun – Happen Ending (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Baby Soul and Yoo Jiae ft. Jang Dongwoo – She’s A Flirt (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

FTISLAND – Severely (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Kim Taeyeon – Rain (lyrics/MV/lyrics video)

G-Dragon – That XX (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

BTS – Rain (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Davichi – Just the Two of Us (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Infinite H ft. Baby Soul – Crying (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Park Sojin and Kim Taebum – On Rainy Days (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

WINNER – Color Ring (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

After School – Because of You (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Jeon Minju and Yuna Kim ft. Hyeonkyu – Goodbye Rain (lyrics/MV/lyric video)


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