K-Pop Playlist: Hello Bubble


Kim Hana – I’m A Little Weird (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Infinite – 24 Hours (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Girl’s Day – Hello Bubble (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

B.A.P – Lovesick (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

BoA – Atlantis Princess (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Girls’ Generation – Baby Baby (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

SHINee – Girls, Girls, Girls (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

EXO – Lucky (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

G.NA – Kiss Me (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

F-ve Dolls ft. Dani – Can You Love Me? (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Apink – Mr. Chu (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

SHINee – Stand By Me (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Jessica & Krystal – Butterfly (lyric/MV/lyric video)

Juniel – I Think I’m In Love (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

Red Velvet – Day 1 (lyrics/MV/lyric video)

After School – Shampoo (lyrics/MV/lyric video)


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