Lyrics: Lee Hyunjin – Stage Fright Gone (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

Title: Stage Fright Gone

Artist: Lee Hyunjin

Album: N/A

*He sang this in the drama Heartstrings.

두려워 기를 이러쎁지
Duryeoweo gireul ireosseotji
I’m so scared, I’ve been here before

아피 보이질 아낱지
Api boijil anatji
I can’t clearly see the path ahead

다가올 내이를 몰라
Dagaol naeireul molla
Unsure of what tomorrow will have waiting for me

거비나 숨고만 시퍼써
Geobina sumgoman sipeosseo
I want to hide

날 감추고 시퍼써
Nal gamchugo sipeosseo
I want to camouflage myself

하지만 오느른 달라
Hajiman oneureun dalla
But the me today is not the same

이제는 이러나 다시 노래 할꺼야
Ijeneun ireona dasi norae halkkeoya
Now I stand up, I want to start singing again

어제는 잍고서 내이를 위해 노래 할꺼야
Eojeneun itgoseo naeireul wihae norae halkkeoya
Forget about yesterday, I will sing for tomorrow

텅빈 반가네 숨던 쓼슬한 날드른 안녕
Teongbin bangane sumdeon sseulsseulhan naldeureun annyeong
Say goodbye, to the day that we lost

나를 미더주는 벜찬 가스미 뛰자나
Nareul mideojuneun beokchan gaseumi ttwijana
I have this beating heart to give me strength

내이를 위해
Naeireul wihae
Towards tomorrow

내 꾸믈 위해 다려가
Nae kkumeul wihae dalyeoga
Towards my dream, I sprint forward



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