Fantagio Company Roster

Current Artists:

5URPRISE (Boy Group)

ASTRO (Boy Group)

Cha Eunjae (Actress)

Cha Hyunwoo (Actor)

Chu Yejin (Actress)

Choi Yoohwa (Actress)

Ha Jungwoo (Actor)

Han Bobae (Actress)


Hong Juyoung (Actress)

Im Hyunsung (Actor)

Joo Jinmo (Actor)

Kang Hanna (Actress)

Kang Pilseok (Actor)

Kang Shinchul (Actor)

Kim Jaehwa (Actress)

Kim Sungkyun (Actor)

Kim Youngae (Actress)

Lee Jihoon (Actor)

Lee Soyeon (Actress)

Weki Meki (Girl Group)

Yang Jinwoo (Actor)

Yeon Jewook (Actor)

Yoo Hajoon (Actor)

Yoon Seungah (Actress)

Yoon Songyi (Actress)

Yum Jungah (Actress)

Former Artists:

Gong Hyojin (Actress)
Gong Yoo (Actor)
Hwang Bora (Actress)
Im Soojung (Actress)
Ji Jinhee (Actor)
Jo Yoonhee (Actress)
Jung Gyuwoon (Actor)
Jung Ilwoo (Actor)
Jung Kyungho (Actor)
Kim Dahyun (Actor)
Kim Saeron (Actress)
Kim Seohyung (Actress)
Kim Soeun (Actress)
Kim Suna (Actress)
Kim Sungsoo (Actor)
Lee Chunhee (Actor)
Seo Minji (Actress)
Sung Yuri (Actress)


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