YG Entertainment Company Roster

Subsidiaries: HIGHGRND, The Black Label

Current Artists:

1TYM (Boy Group)

Ahn Youngmi (Comedienne)

Akdong Musician (AKMU) (Co-Ed Duo)

Bae Jungnam (Actor)

Big Bang (Boy Group)
GD X Taeyang (GDYB)

BLACKPINK (Girl Group)

Cha Seungwon (Actor)

Choi Jiwoo (Actress)

CL (Solo Female)

Daiki Hiba (Actor)

Dara (Solo Female)

Epik High (Boy Group)
Mithra Jin

Goo Hyesun (Actress)

HI SUHYUN (Female Project Duo)

iKON (Boy Group)

Im Yejin (Actress)

Jang Hyunsung (Actor)

Jang Kiyong (Actor)

Ji E Suu (Actress)

Jinusean (Male Duo)

Jung Eugene (Actress)

Jung Hyeyoung (Actress)

Kal Sowon (Actress)

Kang Dongwon (Actor)

Kansyuji Tamotsu (Actor)

Kim Heeae (Actress)

Kim Heejung (Actress)

Kim Saeron (Actress)

Lee Haeun (Actress)

Lee Hi (Solo Female)

Lee Hyunwook (Actor)

Lee Jongsuk (Actor)

Lee Sungkyung (Actress)

Lee Yongwoo (Actor)

MOBB (Male Project Duo)

Nam Joohyuk (Actor)

PSY (Solo Male)

Sechs Kies (Boy Group)

Seo Jeongyeon (Actress)

Son Hojun (Actor)

Stephanie Lee (Actress)

WINNER (Boy Group)
Kang Seungyoon

Yamato Kohta (Actor)

Yoo Byungjae (Comedian)

Yoo Inna (Actress)

Former Artists:

2NE1 (Girl Group)
45RPM (Male Duo)
Ahn Naiyoung (Swi.T)
Big Mama (Girl Group)
Digital Masta (Solo Male)
Gummy (Solo Female)
Ha Dongkyun (Wanted)
J-kwondo (45RPM)
Jeon Sanghwan (Wanted)
Jeon Seungwoo (XO)
Kang Hyejung (Actress)
Kang Seongmin (XO)
Keep Six (Boy Group)
Kim Jaeseok (Wanted)
Kim Jieun (Solo Female)
Lee Changkeun (SoulStaR)
Lee Eunju (Swi.T)
Lee Hyunbae (45RPM)
Lee Jiyoung (Big Mama)
Lee Kyuhoon (SoulStaR)
Lee Younghyun (Big Mama)
Lee Saeyoung (Keep Six)
Lee SeungWoo (SoulStaR)
LEXY (Solo Female)
Masta Wu (Solo Male)
Minzy (2NE1)
Nam Taehyun (WINNER)
Park Bom (2NE1)
Park Dongho (Keep Six)
Park Minhye (Big Mama)
S-Kush (Stinky Skunk)
Se7en (Solo Male)
Shim Youngho (Keep Six)
Shin Yeonah (Big Mama)
Skul1 (Stinky Skunk)
SoulStaR (Boy Group)
Stony Skunk (Male Duo)
Sung Mihyun (Swi.T)
Swi.T (Girl Group)
Wanted (Boy Group)
Wheesung (Solo Male)
XO (Male Duo)

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