FNC Entertainment Company Roster

Current Artists:

AOA (Girl Group/Band)
AOA Cream
Shin Jimin

CNBLUE (Boy Band)
Jung Yonghwa

FT Triple/A3
Lee Hongki

HONEYST (NEOZ Band) (Predebut Boy Band)

InnoVator (Solo Male)

JNJ (Co-Ed Duo)
Shin Jimin

Jo Jaeyoon (Actor)

Jung Haein (Actor)

Jung Hyesung (Actress)

Jung Hyungdon (Comedian)

Jung Jinyoung (Actor)

Jung Woo (Actor)

Kim Minseo (Actress)

Kim Seojin (Actress)

Kim Soyoung (Actress)

Kim Wonhee (Actress)

Kim Yongman (Comedian)

Kwak Dongyeon (Actor)

Lee Donggun (Actor)

Lee Gukju (Comedienne)

Moon Seyoon (Comedian)

N.Flying (Boy Band)

Noh Hongchul (Comedian)

Park Gwanghyun (Actor)

Romantic J (Co-Ed Duo)

SF9 (NEOZ Dance) (Boy Group)

Song Eunyi (Comedienne)

Sung Hyuk (Actor)

Two Song Place (Co-Ed Duo)

Yoo Jaesuk (Comedian)

Yoon Jinseo (Actress)

Former Artists:

Ji Seokjin (Comedian)
Juniel (Solo Female)
Lee Dahae (Actress)
Oh Wonbin (FTISLAND)
Seo Youkyung (AOA BLACK)


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