LOEN Entertainment Company Roster

Current Artists:

Fiestar (Girl Group)
LuLu (Cao Lu)

HISTORY (Boy Group)

I.B.I (Project Girl Group)

IU (Solo Female)

Jo Hansun (Actor)

Kang Bokeum (Actress)

Kim Sukhoon (Actor)

Lee Junghyuk (Actor)

Lena Park (Solo Female)

Melody Day (Girl Group)
-Yeo Eun

Ra.D (Solo Male)

Shin Zisu (Solo Female)

Sunny Hill (Girl Group)

Yoon Hyunsang (Solo Male)

Zia (Solo Female)

Former Artists:

Cheska (Fiestar)
Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
Kim Janghyun (Sunny Hill)
Park Jiyoon (Solo Female)
Run (Solo Male)


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