C-JeS Entertainment Company Roster

Current Artists:

Choi Minsik (Actor)

Gummy (Solo Female)

Hwang Jungeum (Actress)

Jin Hyuk (Actor)

Jung Seonah (Actress)

Jung Sukwon (Actor)

JYJ (Boy Group)
Kim Jaejoong
Xia Junsu
Park Yoochun

Kang Hyejung (Actress)

Kim Kangwoo (Actor)

Kim Sunah (Actress)

Kwak Dowon (Actor)

Lee Chungah (Actress)

Lee Re (Actress)

Moon Sori (Actress)

Park Joomi (Actress)

Park Sungwoong (Actor)

Park Yoohwan (Actor)

Ra Miran (Actress)

Ryu Hyeyoung (Actress)

Ryu Joonyeol (Actor)

Sol Kyunggu (Actor)

Song Saebyeok (Actor)

Song Ilkook (Actor)

Yoon Jihye (Actress)

Former Artists:

Jung Insun (Actress)
Lee Bumsoo (Actor)
Lee Jungjae (Actor)
Song Jihyo (Actress)


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