Imagine Asia Co., Ltd. Company Roster

Subsidiaries: Dream T Entertainment, YMC Entertainment, Blue Star Entertainment

Current Artists:

Jeon Inhwa (Actress)

Jin Jihee (Actress)

Jo Sungmin (Actor)

Kang Minah (Actress)

Kim Yoonhye (Actress)

Lee Ilhwa (Actress)

Lee Joonhyuk (Actor)

Lee Sunbin (Actress)

Na Hyemi (Actress)

Oh Yeonseo (Actress)

Park Sangmyun (Actor)

Ryu Hwayoung (Actress)

Seo Hyorim (Actress)

Yoo Donggeun (Actor)

Yoon Seo (Actress)

Former Artists:

C-Clown (Boy Group)
Ha Jiwon (Actress)
Lee Jongsuk (Actor)

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