I’ll be doing profiles, for groups, solo artists, duos, you name it!

A little primer on positions:

Leader – usually a company assigned position (often the oldest member), they usually initiate greetings or acceptance speeches and well, lead
Vocalist/Dancer/Rapper – self explanatory, but Main > Lead > Vocalist/Rapper
Visual – the most beautiful/handsome member BY KOREAN BEAUTY STANDARDS (USUALLY set by the company)
Face of the Group/Center – USUALLY BUT NOT ALWAYS the most popular member, the one that pops into your head when you hear the group’s name, the middle in dance formation/photoshoots most of the time
Maknae – the youngest member (idk why it’s a position lol)


I don’t do lyrics anymore, sorry!



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Aw I really love the format you use for lyrics. I’m sad that you’re not going to do them anymore but, I’m really grateful for the ones that you’ve already done ❤ thank youuu

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