Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa – Because I Miss You… (Band Ver.) (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

heartstrings special ost.jpg

Title: Because I Miss You… (Band Ver.)

Artist: Jung Yonghwa

Album: Heartstrings Special OST

늘 똑같은 하늘에
neul ttokgateun haneure
Always under exactly the same sky

늘 같은 하루
neul gateun haru
always exactly the same day

그대가 없는 것 말고는
geudaega eomneun geot malgoneun
Other than your not being here

달라진 게 없는데
dallajin ge eomneunde
there’s nothing different at all

난 보낸줄 알았죠
nan bonaenjul aratjyo
I thought I’d let go

다 남김없이
da namgimeobsi
not leaving anything behind

아니죠 아니죠 난 아직
anijyo anijyo nan ajik
No, no, now I

그대를 못 보냈죠
geudaereul mot bonaetjyo
still can’t let you go

그리워 그리워서
geuriwo geuriwoseo
I miss you, miss you so much

그대가 그리워서
geudaega geuriwoseo
because I miss you so much

매일 난 혼자서만
maeil nan honjaseoman
Everyday all by myself

그대를 부르고 불러봐요
geudaereul bureugo bulleobwayo
calling and calling you

보고파 보고파서
bogopa bogopaseo
I want to see you, want to see you

그대가 보고파서
geudaega bogopaseo
because I want to see you so much

이제 난 습관처럼
ije nan seupgwancheoreom
Now it’s like I have this habit

그대 이름만 부르네요
geudae ireumman bureuneyo
keep calling out your name

Even today

하루하루가 죽을 것만 같은
haruharuga jugeul geotman gateun
Day by day it feels like I’m gonna die

어떻게 해야 해요
eotteoke haeya haeyo
what should I do?

사랑해 사랑해요
saranghae saranghaeyo
I love you, love you

그대를 사랑해요
geudaereul saranghaeyo
Because I love you

말조차 못하고서
maljocha motagoseo
I haven’t even spoken the words

그대를 그렇게 보냈네요
geudaereul geureoke bonaenneyo
I just let you go

미안해 미안해요
mianhae mianhaeyo
Sorry, sorry

내말이 들리나요
naemari deullinayo
do you hear my words

뒤늣은 내 고백을
dwineuseun nae gobaegeul
My late confession

그댄 들을 수 있을까요
geudaen deureul su isseulkkayo
can you hear it?

I love you


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