Lyrics: BTS – Intro: O! RUL8, 2? (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)


Title: Intro: O! RUL8, 2?

Artist: BTS (Rap Monster)

Album: O! RUL8, 2?

Nothing lasts forever
You only live once
So live your life, not any other’s lives
Take chances and never regret, never
Never be late to do what you wanna do right now
Because at one point of someday
everything you did
Would be exactly what you will be

아버지는 말하셨지 인생을 즐겨라
abeojineun malhasyeotji insaengeul jeulgyeora
My father told me to enjoy life

아버지께 여쭤보고파 당신은 인생을 즐겼나
abeojikke yeojjwobogopa dangsineun insaengeul jeulgyeonna
I want to ask my father if he enjoyed his life

왜 당연한 게 당연하지 않게 됐고
wae dangyeonhan ge dangyeonhaji anke dwaetgo
I want to ask why the natural became unnatural

당연하지 않은 게 당연하게 됐어
dangyeonhaji anheun ge dangyeonhage dwaesseo
And why the unnatural became natural

왜 나의 인생에서 나는 없고
wae naui insaengeseo naneun eopgo
Why am I in my life and

그저 남의 인생들을 살게 됐어
geujeo namui insaengdeureul salge dwaesseo
not in some other person’s life?

이건 진짜야 도박도 게임도 아냐
igeon jinjjaya dobakdo geimdo anya
This is real, it isn’t a gamble or a game

딱 한번뿐인 인생
ttak hanbeonppunin insaeng
it’s just one life

넌 대체 누굴 위해 사냐
neon daeche nugul wihae sanya
Who are you living for?

9살 아니면 10살 때쯤 내 심장은 멈췄지
9sal animyeon 10sal ttaejjeum nae simjangeun meomchwotji
My heart stopped when I was nine or ten

가슴에 손을 얹고
gaseume soneul eontgo
Put your hand on your heart

말해봐 내 꿈은 뭐였지?
malhaebwa nae kkumeun mwoyeotji?
and ask what your dream was

어 진짜 뭐였지
eo jinjja mwoyeotji
What it really was



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