JYP Entertainment Company Roster

Current Artists:

15& (Female Duo)
-Baek Yerin
-Park Jimin

2AM (Boy Group) (hiatus)

2PM (Boy Group)
Jang Wooyoung
Lee Junho

Baek A Yeon (Solo Female)

Bernard Park (Solo Male)

Choi Wooshik (Actor)

DAY6 (Boy Band)

G.Soul (Solo Male)

GOT7 (Boy Group)
JJ Project

Jang Huiryong (Actress)

J.Y. Park (Solo Male)

Kang Yoonje (Actor)

Kim Jimin (Actress)

Kim Jongmoon (Actor)

Kim Taehoon (Actor)

Kim Yewon (Actress)

Lee Kihyuk (Actor)

Min Hyorin (Actress)

miss A (Girl Group)

Nam Sungjoon (Actor)

Park Joohyung (Actor)

Ryu Won (Actress)

Shin Eunsoo (Actress)

Song Hayoon (Actress)

TWICE (Girl Group)

Wei Daxun (Actor)

Wonder Girls (Girl Group/Band)
Lee Sunmi

Yoon Park (Actor)

Former Artists:

Ahn Sohee (Wonder Girls)
Byul (Solo Female)
Danny Ahn (g.o.d)
Han Sooyeon (Actress)
HyunA (Wonder Girls)
Im Junhyeok (DAY6)
g.o.d (Boy Group)
Im Seulong (2AM)
Im Soyoung (Actress)
Jay Park (2PM)
JOO (Solo Female)
Jung Jinwoon (2AM)
Kim Dongyoon (Actor)
Kim Haeun (Actress)
Kim Soyoung (Actress)
Kim Taewoo (g.o.d)
Lee Changmin (2AM)
Lee Jungjin (Actor)
Lee Youngyoo (Actress)
Lim Jeonghee (Solo Female)
Meng Jia (miss A)
Min Sunye (Wonder Girls)
Noel (Boy Group)
OneTwo (Male Duo)
Park Jibin (Actor)
Park Jiyoon (Solo Female)
Park Joonhyung (g.o.d)
Pearl (Solo Female)
Rain (Solo Male)
Ryang Hyun Ryang Ha (Male Duo)
San E (Solo Male)
Son Hoyoung (g.o.d)
Yoon Kyesang (g.o.d)


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